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Make Your Own Spirits at Home!

We Aussies know a good drink. But when your over-the-counter whisky, scotch, rum, bourbon, vodka, gin or tequila just won’t cut it, why not make your own blend?

The biggest sign that someone knows their drink is if they DIY. We’d argue that there’s nothing better than making your own alcohol. So why not join the club and start home brewing today?

DIY gives you the smoothest, best tasting spirits money can buy. You can make your own spirits from scratch at home. Plus, DIY is cheaper and has fewer nasties than what you’d find in your local bottle-o.

The Pure Distilling all-in-one system is the whole package for anyone who wants to make their own spirits. Cheap, quick, easily stored – it’s the perfect prezzie for the mate that has everything!

The all-in-one system comes with:
– condenser

– 4.7L 93% pure alcohol tap
– “Beer Me” 30L fermenter
– smell eliminator

– smart filter

– spirit yeast

– crystal clearer

– spirit enhancer

– distilling conditioner

– easy cleaner

– 60cm stirring paddle

– stick-on thermometer

– alarm thermometer

– hydrometer

– alcometer

– stainless plug

You can make 16 bottles of spirits in 4 hours at 93% alcohol with our complete system.

Check out our entire product range on the Pure Distilling online store or find a stockist near you.

No foul smells, no mess, no guessing, no time wasted – just delicious, homebrewed spirits made easy! You don’t have to be a mad scientist to make your own spirits – join the DIY party and start tasting the difference today!

Make sure you get a licence for your still from the ATO here.

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