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Complete all in one system

IMG_0004_16Pure distilling has revolutionised the way you distill forever!

The whole system is designed to save, time, money and parts, and fit in one box for easier storage and cheaper shipping.

Fermenting is done in a 30L Beer Me heated fermenter, which can be self-sertilised by boiling a little water for a few minutes.  You can then heat the water to the correct yeast pitching temperature.  Included in the new system is the Smell Eliminator so fermenting can be done inside so it has a more constant temp to give maximum output and better flavour from your yeast, without even the slightest smell in your home.

Our new Smart Filter allows you to collect spirits straight into the top of the filter, mix to 40% and open the plug to filter automatically, then you can flavour in the base and use the tap to pour straight into your bottles with no mess.

This system incorporates quite a lot of changes in the way we brew and as usual Pure Distilling is innovating yet again.

So what comes with our new system?

Condenser with new high yield output tap (4.7L of 93% alcohol!)
“Beer Me” 30L heated fermenter (For boiling water and fermenting ONLY – not for use with the still)
Smell Eliminator for zero smells
Smart Filter with stainless internals
Premium Spirit Yeast, Crystal Clear, Spirit Enhancer, Distilling Conditioner & Easy Clean
60cm Stirring Paddle
Stick on thermometer
Alarm thermometer
Hydrometer and Alcometer
Stainless plug for the Smart Filter so you can collect straight into the filter then dilute to 40%, remove the plug and filter all in one easy method.

A boiler for the still is not supplied, as you legally need a capacity of less than 5L in Australia if you don’t have a licence.  You must supply your own boiler. “Beer Me” 30L heated fermenter is ONLY for fermenting and boiling water.  You must obtain a license before using this system for producing alcohol.

This new system completely eliminates all bottles, funnels, buckets, measuring jugs.  It is a truly well thought out system.

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