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Browse the Pure Distilling range of at home alcohol distillation equipment kits for sale, including the Pure Distilling moonshine pot still, smart filter, smell eliminator and the all in one complete system with the tools you need to DIY your own spirits with ease.


Spirit Maker

The world's most advanced spirit maker. Commercial quality, effortless operation, inexpensive.

Complete all in one system

Everything needed to get started including *NEW* smell eliminator. The 30L "Beer Me" heated fermenter supplied is ONLY for boiling water and fermenting. You must NOT connect it to the still. A boiler for the still is not supplied, as you legally need a capacity of less than 5L in Australia. NO FLAVOURS

Pure Distilling Pot Still

Pure Distilling Pot Still Condenser with digital thermometer, instructions and mounting hardware

Smart Filter

Smart Filter 15L System with carbon cartridge.

The Smell Eliminator

Smell Eliminator. Eliminates ALL smells completely from the fermentation process for both beer and spirits. Includes everything you need to attach to a standard fermenter with airlock.

Distilling Thermometer with Alarm

Distilling Thermometer with Alarm

Premium Spirit Yeast

Premium Spirit Yeast

Crystal Clear Spirit Wash Clarifier

Crystal Clear Spirit Wash Clarifier (box size 200, but available in any qty)

Spirit Enhancer Liquid Carbon

Spirit Enhancer Liquid Carbon (box size 70, but available in any qty)

Easy Clean

Easy Clean (box size 60, but available in any qty)

Johnny's Blend Scotch

Johnny Wouldn't Walk Past This One. Scotch Whiskey. Comes in a box of 12.  

Tennessee Sour Mash

True Spirit Of Jack. Tennessee Sour Mash. Comes In A Box Of 12.

Scotch Whisky

Chivalry's Not Dead. Scotch Whiskey. Comes In A Box Of 12.

Aussie Rum

The Perfect Sund'y Rum. Comes In A Box Of 12.

Irish Cream

Bails Of Creamy Chocolatey Goodness. Irish Cream. Comes In A Box Of 12.

Kentucky Bourbon

Beam Me Up Jim. Bourbon. Comes in a box of 12.

Irish Whiskey

The lucky four leaves of flavour. Irish Whiskey. Comes in a box of 12.

Honey Bourbon

Stings You In All The Right Places. Honey Bourbon. Comes in a box of 12.

Vodka Flavour

From Russia With Love. Vodka Flavour. Comes in a box of 12.

High Yield Conversion Kit

High Yield Conversion Kit (best used with a Distilling Thermometer with alarm) Up to a litre more, and an hour quicker!

Digital thermometer (long probe)

High quality. Stainless steel probe. 0.1C accuracy. Long probe (200mm)


3000 L / hr Submersible Pump