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This is just a small sample of the numerous emails we receive praising our products.

We are very proud of this, as not too many people will take the time to sit down and write to a manufacturer to tell them how much they like their products!


Hi Greg and Kayleen,
I just had a phone call from the owner of the last still I sold and I thought you might like to hear how thrilled he is with the product – and I mean really thrilled. He’s a long time distiller and can’t believe what a step forward the Pure Distilling still really is.
He’s not the first; I don’t think I’ve ever had any adverse comments from customers but I don’t think I’ve ever really given you feedback about the high level of satisfaction that I generally receive.
So, thanks for the product and thanks for always being easy to deal with from my perspective.
Take care, have a good weekend.


Good Morning
We are very impressed with your still and, we have had some positive feedback in only a day.
I think you have a real winner on your hands.
Kind Regards


Your still is a bottler!
The product is smoother than any of my mates and no hangovers reported from any of my crash test dummies.
Will have to look at putting another fermenter on sooner.


Thanks for your excellent product and have a merry xmas and a happy and safe new years!




G’day Guys. 
Some feedback on your ‘ultra Pure still’.  I have looked over the net, looking at still designs from all over the world. Let me just say that your money back guarantee is a safe promise. For ease of use and ultimate quality of the end product your still has no equal.  When people talk of ‘home brew’ they usually think of long necks, that are cloudy….shit.  Well with spirits it is totally the opposite,  the end product is a great deal better than the commercial alternative. I have a number of friends who have stills,  Ive tried their stuff.  Mine made with the ‘Ultra Pure Still’ is that much better it’s unbelievable.  
Blokes who I have given samples to try out, just don’t believe i’m telling them the truth. I have even tried using commercial wild turkey in one glass and my turkey bourbon in the other, four blokes out of five picked mine as being the real thing. (I had a slight advantage, I made mine at 45% as opposed to commercial turkey at 43%)  So I reckon a few more blokes in my area will be getting one soon!  Keep up the good work,  I don’t even remember what a hangover is after ceasing to drink the commercial crap. Anyway,  your in a good business position.  Best product by a long way.
Regards Rob Irvin


Hi Greg, I bought one of these from you back in 2007 – after sorting out those initial teething issues, it’s continues working as good as it did when it was new. Cheers


I have never made spirits before so was very nervous about the whole process but gave it a go ( took about 2 weeks from start to finish ) and must say it was a breeze. Everything worked beautifully – the still and then the filter. As long as you follow all the instructions you can’t go wrong ! Excellent product and equipment and so easy to use and clean.
I am into my second batch now and after doing my 3rd one in a few weeks time will have broken even with cost. ( ie if I was to go and buy 24 X 1125ml bottles of scotch/bourbon at the local liquor shop at @ $58 per bottle ). I get eight 1125 ml bottles per batch of around 39% alcohol.

We had a customer who bought your pot condenser last week and put his father’s bad wine throught,he was very impressed,he is the second one to come back and say how please he was with product.


The results achieved with the very first run has exceeded all my expectations.
The quality of the output, the ease of use of your Ultra Pure Still and the simple clean-up all really opened my eyes. Instead of the fiddly business with multiple batches and the wildly varying results from my original and much smaller still, your unit made the entire process FUN.
If every retired gentleman needs a hobby, this should be the one.
Please quote me as a very satisfied buyer.

Tim Colley,
Coffs Harbour.