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What to Drink this Christmas

Get into the spirit this Christmas with some festive drinking. Refresh your mood and body temperature this summer with our pick of the best cocktail goodness this sweltering season. And don’t worry – your manliness will well and truly stay intact…

The Golden ale beer cocktail
Beer-y vibes meets summer in this drink. Mix Belgian style golden ale with citrus – lemon, lime or yuzu – vodka, Elderflour liqueur, honey syrup, hot sauce, sea salt and a lemon wedge.

Whiskey sour
The unofficial drink of summer, combine sweet and sour mix with bourbon whiskey and cherries and/or orange slice to garnish. Or switch up a sugary mix for a liqueur, lemon juice, bitters, fortified wine or a syrup of choice. Some add egg whites to the drink, others opt for no egg. Don’t forget the ice!

Tom Collins
Refresh on a sweltering day with classic Old Tom or London Dry gin whipped up with lemon juice, soda water and a dash of sugar if you’d like.

Mix equal parts Campari soda with Italian vermouth over ice, top with soda water and serve with a slither of lemon or orange wedge.

Irish Ristretto
Combine 250ml espresso with 700ml Irish whiskey and a vanilla for a creamy, cool energy buzz.

Southside Fizz
Spice up your citrus this summer with dry gin, lemon and lime juices, syrup, soda and fresh mint to garnish.

Keep the bubbles rolling into New Years with champagne, lime and grapefruit juice – or better yet, go for the real stuff straight from the fruit – then add light rum, simple syrup or a couple of caster sugar spoonfuls, soda water and fresh mint leaves.

Gin martini
Simple yet effective – dry vermouth and gin. Don’t forget the olive.

Bloody Mary
You’ll need: vodka, gin or blanco tequila, lemon juice, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, pinch of salt and smoked paprika. Serves a small gathering.

The Zombie
Kiddy name aside, this drink packs a punch with three types of rum and absinthe. Perfect to quench a thirst on the water, there’s nothing dainty about this cocktail.  The tropical orange, pineapple, lime or papaya juice makes it perfect for the season and disguises the potent alcoholic content.

Ahh tequila – the ultimate party spirit, and nothing soft about it. Shake 50ml Tequila with equal parts Cointreau and lime juice over ice, strain and serve into a chilled, salt rimmed glass – add a lime wedge to finish.

Christmas negroni
Take your Campari, gin and sweet vermouth, and shake it up with 30ml Prosecco, garnish with an orange slice. Sounds odd, tastes amazing.

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