What do I need to replace to keep the still working?

NOTHING! The packing does not wear out like other stills so never needs to be replaced or touched.
Just rinse it out after every use, and it will last a lifetime, with no additional costs!


Why is this still easier to use than others?

There are no multiple thermometers to watch, touchy needle valves to constantly adjust, multiple hoses running everywhere, packing to install or adjustments of any kind needed.  Just switch it on and collect your alcohol – it couldn’t be simpler than that!

Other stills on the market are ‘vapour managed’.
This means that in order to get a good result, you need to constantly adjust the water flow to the still in order to maintain a steady temperature.
With our still, you do not need to do this. As long as you have enough water flowing through it (about 1L/min), then the flow rate does not affect the operation of the still.  This means it is just ‘set and forget’ for perfect results every time.  It also means that if your water flow fluctuates, such as on tank water, that it will still run perfectly.

You do not need to worry about which way the water goes in and out, either way works fine.

You do not need to find special size hose – it is designed to use standard garden hose.

You do not need to worry about choosing the perfect temperature and alcohol drip rate are to get the right results – it is set at the factory to always produce excellent results.

The still always produces 92% alcohol – it does not start to get lower and lower percentage near the end like most stills do.  This means you don’t have to worry about choosing an arbitrary point at which to stop collecting your spirit to get an acceptable taste.  When it is done, it is done, and will always give great results.

The high percentage spirit, and the smoothness of the copper means that you get a great taste every time – even if you make some mistakes along the way.  Other stills are not so forgiving, and take a lot of effort to get the results that this produces.


What size is the boiler?

A 30L version is available where permitted.

The boiler has a concealed 2000W element so that the wash wont burn to the element, and it is very easy to clean.
It is made from quality stainless steel.
It has a base that stays cool to the touch so that it doesn’t matter what type of surface you use it on.
It has a full boil-dry system so the element will never burn out, and it is very safe to use.
It comes with a 2m cord, so you wont need an extension cord. This saves a few dollars, and improves safety.
There is a large illuminated switch so that you can tell it is on.
The lid is held on with clips that will never get lost or break. The lid has a replaceable silicon seal built into it.


What are the technical specifications of the still?

  • The column is 500mm high.
  • It is 50mm in diameter.
  • There is 350mm of stainless steel packing in it.
  • It is designed to run on a 2000W boiler.
  • It will fit any boiler with a 60mm hole in the lid.
  • It is a liquid managed reflux design.
  • The coil is double wound 6.35mm copper tube.
  • The hose barbs on the coil are to fit 13mm garden hose.
  • The column is uninsulated.


How do I clean it?

To clean the still, simply turn it upside down and run some water through it soon after use.

This is all the cleaning it usually requires.

The outside will naturally turn brown over time, but this is easily polished with any metal polish, or is perfectly fine to leave as is.

If you don’t clean it soon after you use it, the copper inside may go green.  To clean this, you just need to pour some citric acid through the bottom, then neutralise the acid with some bicarb soda and water.


How much water does it use?

The minimum water flow is around 1L per minute.

So the total water usage for a 25L wash will be approx. 200L.

The water coming out of the still is about 50 degrees C.  You can use this to fill your washing machine / bath etc, or you can let it cool and put it on the garden.

Your home brew store sells pumps that enable you to recycle the water.


How much alcohol do I get?

If you use 8kg of sugar and a packet of Turbo Yeast in 25L of water, you will get a wash of approximately 19% alcohol.

When this is distilled, you will end up with about 4.5L of 92% alcohol.

When you dilute this back to 38%, you will have approx. 11L of drinkable alcohol.


How long does it take?

You will get 16 x 700mL bottles in around 4 hours.




What to do if you are having problems with your still

Please contact us via sales@puredistilling.com for more information and advice


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